About Andrews International

Everyone knows what the Sunshine State of Florida, USA is famous for: Orange Juice, Disney World, Cape Canaveral, Beautiful Beaches, the Andrews family — the Andrews family? That’s right. Florida’s Bob and Terry Andrews are legends in their own time, even though they would be the last to describe themselves that way.

“We started our business to make a great life and to help others do the same,” is what they will tell you. And of course that is exactly what they have done for decades, inspiring tens, even hundreds of thousands across North America and the world to build a great future for themselves and their families. And that’s the stuff of legends.

When they began their business, Bob and Terry were students at the University of South Florida. He was 23 and she was just 19. They wanted to get married, to enjoy their lives, to be free. When they learned there was a possibility of becoming independent business owners, they quickly launched their independent business on a shoestring. The first “office” of what today is Andrews International was the trunk of Bob’s car.

Now just about everything is different for Bob and Terry Andrews. The most rewarding difference, they are quick to emphasize, is their two grown sons, Matt and Cale. But there are material differences that are very hard to miss.

The Andrews' home is on 12 acres just northwest of Tampa and includes orange groves and ponds for fishing.  They have a lake to water ski and jet ski on and Bob loves to go out fishing in his bass boat.  The Andrews love waking up to the lush gardens Florida produces every morning knowing that they own their own business and the freedom that gives them. 

The home is a busy one, typically filled with friends, family and business associates. Bob and Terry each have their own office in their home, and love the flexibility and efficiency this affords them. They also have a home at the beach on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, where they entertain frequently.

Not only are Bob & Terry QUIXTAR® Independent Business Owners, they are also consummate team players in the Network21 leadership.

“Jim and Nancy light the fire in us and continue to fan the flame.  We are grateful!”  The Andrews serve as the Ambassadors to Children for Network of Caring, the largest corporate sponsor of needy children in the world.  They are both extremely involved in church activities and maintain high spiritual priorities.

Terry works out with a personal trainer several times a week. She loves to run and is an accomplished water skier. Recently she and son Cale traveled to a Dolphin Research Center in the Florida Keys to do research on dolphins while they swim and play with them. Terry knew what she is in for, since she did it four years earlier with her son Matt.

Bob is an avid and competitive cyclist. A 50th birthday gift took him across the Atlantic to ride the Tour de France route, where he covered 1100 miles of the Tour in ten days. He is also a keen hunter. Recently he went on an African Safari, and also spent ten days on horseback in the Rockies.

It is no exaggeration to say that everything is different today for Bob and Terry Andrews. One thing, however has not changed at all. It is their unwavering belief in people who are willing to work to make their dreams come true.

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